Retail Therapy - at The Workshop Sale

5 December 2012

But not quite as you think!

Yes, it was therapy, and yes it was retail but I was on the other side of the till - so to speak.

Each year my friends Rob and Andy from Rob Turner China (who also happen to run the most fabulous B & B on the south coast, but that is another story) trek up to London with a car load of samples, one off designs, seconds, ends of ranges and other glorious delights and sell this stuff to their adoring public at The Workshop Sale.  And every year I rock up, don my china themed pinny and help!

We had a great day because we sold a lot of china (a lot of people had some fabulous bargains) but also because we met old friends and, for me in particular, it was a bit of a textile fest (but I will come back to that in my next post).

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on this little lot.

And if you are tempted there are some mega bargains (ends of ranges etc.) on their website.  You have a week if you want the orders for Christmas, but what is more perfect than drinking your tea out of beautiful bone china.  Quintessentially English.

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