Hemmed In 3: The Long Gallery

15 December 2012

This is the final gallery at MK Gallery - this one curated by Mr X Stitch.

This is the gallery that truly embraces the word 'beyond' - in every sense.

Spirals are Free - Essay on Huntertwasser 2012 by Cheryl Montgomery

Detail of Spirals are Free

City Streets by Rosie James 2012 (UK)

Come Back to the 5 and Dime 2011 - by Lucky Jackson (Canada)

Night knife 2012 by Ben Venom (USA)

Hellfire by Karen Grenfell 2012 (UK)

Blue Door 2008 by Sarah Greaves (UK)

Detail from Playground 2008

Playground 2008 and Welcome to the Real World 2011 by Tilleke Schwarz (Netherlands) 

Gold Rhino and Saola 2011 (needlefelted) by Zoe Williams (USA)

Bath Tub 2011 by Sarah Greaves (UK)

Un-homely furnishings - Side Table 2012 by Cate Hursthouse (UK)

healing sutras by Erin Endicott 2011-12 (USA)

Detail from Healing Sutras

Loot 4 and Loot 5 (below) by Erin Riley (USA)

Flat Glen by Luke Haynes (USA) 
Detail from Way of Roses

Way of Roses by Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene 2007 (Lithuania) 

Circle of Life by Spike Dennis 2012 (UK)

Women Rise Up 2011 by Penny Nickels (USA)

2 sides to the Story by Joetta Maue (USA) 

Rock n Roll Outlaws 2012 by Bridgeen Gillespie (UK)

Whitby Abbey at Sunset by Mr X Stitch 

The Hog and The Horse by Hagar Vardimon (Netherlands) 

Losses by Kirsty Whitlock (UK) 2009-10

White Faced Girl by Jessica Wohl (USA)

Over the last few blog entries I have managed to capture most of the pieces being exhibited.  Some items did not photographs so well.

My apologies to all artists whose work I have omitted.  This is not a commentary on your art, rather on my photographics skills.

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