Six & Friends at the Bramble Patch

28 March 2013

You only have until the 6th April (and they are not open on Good Friday or Easter Monday) but if you are anywhere near the Bramble Patch then you should pop along to the 'Orientation' exhibition by Six and Friends. 

Like me, you might have seen this work at Redditch, but there is new and additional work on display, plus some work by other artists who also visit the Bramble Patch, so it is really worth a visit.

Floating Gardens (Stephanie Redfern)
Irises (Linda Kemshall)

Gallery space at the Bramble Patch

Still Life - Shall I be Mother (Annabel Rainbow)

The Messenger (Linda Kemshall)

Work by Marie Roper

Li Carpet (Stepahnie Redfern)

Autumn Moon (Stephanie Redfern)
Pieces by Hilary Beatie

And Hilary also had left a sample of delicious fabrics and papers - she is running some classes next year, but they have not been posted on the BP site yet.

And afterwards, I treated myself to tea!


  1. Looking forward to a visit on Saturday, weather permitting.

    1. It was fabulous and inspiring. As well as the main exhibition, there is also work on display by some other artists. I loved that too.

      I feel that I really need to join a group to help 'push the boundaries' and to get some of my work exhibited. But so many of their classes are during the week and I can only really manage the odd day here and there.

      Anyway - enjoy and I think the weather will be fine.


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