Adding layers to background papers (or a happy studio session)

17 January 2017

Back in the studio!  Braving the chill and putting on more layers, but its amazing how a bit of activity keeps you warm. 

No sitting down and gentle painting. Dear me no! 

More 'being on a mission' and it's amazing how that can give you a glow. 

So, back here I told you how I made a start on a new batch of background papers.  Torn dictionary pages, PVA glue and ink powder. 

Next I added some dimension to the original layers with gesso.

I will be honest here. The gesso was lurking at the bottom of the pot and way past it's best. 
It was more the texture of modelling paste. 

So I grabbed a favourite stencil (You can tell - its a bit mucky!)

And rather than a brush I used a little palette knife. Honestly, that gesso was too thick and past it to paint and need a bit more force. 

Now, it is probably too much texture and may cause me difficulties when I come to sew, for inevitably this will end up in the sewing machine in some way. But hey, that pot of gesso needed finishing. 

Next, a bit of paint auditioning. 

This first sheet used Brusho inks (orange and yellow if memory serves correctly) and so Zesty Zing and Yellow Submarine from the Fresco Finish paints were spot on. 

And being translucent they wont 'cover' what is underneath. Rather then will add to the layer. 

Applied with a roller in the first instance.

Another paper I decorated used Infusion inks - a duskier impact.

Hence the need for a different family of Fresco Finish paints

Again applied with a roller in the first instance.  When I originally laid down these backgrounds I did not use ink on all of my background papers.  So on the paper below the paint is the first colour to be added. 

I love the effect of the roller but for the next couple of backgrounds I used the paints more like water colours - wetting the substrate and letting the paint run and mix. 

Here is Zesty Zing and Yellow Submarine.

And the luscious colours below are Claret and Blood Orange.

And you can see how the gesso takes the paint differently to the paper. 

And finally, back to the papers that I had rollered.

I used the 'water colour' technique for the next layer of colour. 

And because the colours I used are translucent this does not block out the rollered colour beneath, but rather adds another layer and again some of the gesso takes the colour.

And to finish to, this luscious sheet with the paint still wet and glistening. 

I have further plans for these sheets before I am done. A bit of lustre and maybe foil. 

Then these will go into my folder ready to pull out when I am ready.  In my mind these will be lampshade panels, but, of course, best laid plans etc. 


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    1. Well thank you Mrs B. It's a lovely thing to do when you're in a bit of a lull period.


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