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27 January 2017

I am fascinated by collage.

I love the work of artists Mark Hearld and Clive Hicks-Jenkins and both use collage techniques in their work. 

And of course, when I build up layers I do a bit of cutting and pasting - I'm a real fan of using glossy papers, often recycled confectionary wrappers, to creat little jewel snips of colour and shine. 

So when I found this article on Cloth Paper Scissors my heart gave a little leap. I just love that Apple. So simple yet so effective. 

Of course this uses paper but textile artists often use collage techniques, though in textiles it's not called often called collage but instead the term appliqué is used. Hilary Beattie springs to mind, of course.

 To find more of Hilary's work you can look on the internet. Just type in Hilary Beattie and you can find links to her blog, website, online shop for some of the materials she uses and her Facebook Page. You will also find a load of images of her work under Images, funnily enough (if you use Google)

Hilary is a one woman power house. Her technique uses a lot of collaged backgrounds which she heavily quilts and embroiders. But she paints and she prints and she uses a lot of mixed media.

Another favourite artist is Stephanie Redfern. She also uses collage techniques in her work. I am pleased to say that in my little art collection I have a Stephanie Redfern piece. It hangs on the wall in my dining room just now and so I enjoy it every day.

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  1. I remember that article with the apple. Personally, I think of collage and applique as quite different techniques when used with textiles. I think of Annabel Rainbows early quilts when she collaged entire quilts, just overlappings of rectangles but deftly done. I think of Connie Rose's work too when she was producing shibori fabric and collaging it with other bits of textiles into abstract pieces. No thought of collage there. As for the apple, it might be appliqued to a quilt background but the method used to create the apple itself - pure collage. :-)


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