Getting back into the Studio

11 January 2017

But dogs have to be walked first.

And we have to commune with the local farm animals! 

I think I have probably mentioned them before, but honestly they are so bonkers, these concrete cows. If they were not painted black and white I think you would struggle to recognise them as cows. They are not quite a literal representation. 

But they are loved. Some kind soul even decorated them with tinsel over Christmas. I failed to get a photo to show you.  Sorry about that! 

And there are ducks to be chased! But despite leaning over the water, she is careful not to fall into the lake (though paddles quite happily in the brook.)

Now, rather a lot of chocolate was consumed over Christmas, but one upside of this is the packaging. I just love the potential with this packaging. I am thinking a bit of mono printing with the geli plate or just an acrylic sheet. 

Talking of which(the mono printing, not the chocolate), I have at last made it back into the studio (which you probably guessed from the title of this post - no suspense there!)

And it felt good to be back - and not too cold! 

One reason the studio has been a bit neglected (well, apart from Christmas) is that we have had a few cold snaps and it gets very cold out there. Basically, it is just a conservatory off my bedroom. Lovely when the weather warms up a bit (it was a balmy 10 degrees today - bliss) but challenging when it is several degrees below. 

But, it was a good day today. Light and airy and welcoming. And warm! 

Consequently I had a productive session adding to my selection of background papers. 

Using A2 sheets of cartridge paper and PVA glue, I simply pasted down torn pages from an old dictionary. 

That dictionary cost £1 from a charity shop about 2 and a half years ago. And its a big old thing and I have only just reached the letter C and I feel I have used it a lot. There are a lot more pages to go. 

I simply pasted the PVA across the cartridge paper with an old credit card and then applied the ripped dictionary - using the credit card to smooth the book paper down and make sure the edges had been captured. 

Then, and more as an experiment really, I sprinted ink powders onto a couple of the pages. Brusho above (you can tell from the sharp colours) and Infusions below (more of a vintage feel since they also contain walnut pigment) 

So now those papers are hanging in the studio drying, ready for the next layer.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to show you in my last post was some paper bunting made before Christmas. I had some left over coloured map - not enough for a lampshade but enough for a little length of paper bunting.  I will probably use that for stall decoration when I do my next sale or exhibition. 


  1. Isn't it lovely to get back into the creative swing!
    Love the bunting and the cows x

    1. You are so very right!

      The bunting us waiting for the right event for an outing but we say hi to the cows most mornings on our dog walk.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Glad to see you back at it! Put a thicker jumper on!! Lol x

    1. Ha - well yes of course I could. And another vest. And thermal leggings. I've always had a cold studio. One day I will have one with central heating and French Windows to the garden - my last two have had the Windows but they've been so cold in summer. Brrrr! :)


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