Bye bye 2016 - Hello 2017

8 January 2017

So, dear reader, Christmas has been and gone and we have waved goodbye to 2016.

Welcome 2017 - let's hope more stars are in a better alignment. 

Meanwhile, what have I been up to? 

Well it's all been a bit quiet on the art front. With the exception of the gift tags ( which I shared here) I haven't really managed any quality time in the studio since the mad production line that was the lampshades. 

I blame Christmas. 

There was an awful lot of tidying up to do after the dogs had ripped open their lovingly wrapped presents. 

Then there was rather a lot of chocolate consumption ( well, I needed the energy after all that tidying up).

And these are possibly the best chocolates of all time. All the way from South Wales. 

And then there was dog walking. 

And stick wars! 

And then it was all over, but as I had a few days off the day job there was the chance to do a bit of charity shop browsing. 

I'm not taking up knitting anytime soon, but these are the perfect texture for some of my embroideries. 

They'll make an appearance in something soon, I am sure ( if, in a mad moment of tidying, I don't tidy them too away!) 

And a coffee table for Son No 1.

And a lovely little book case calling out for a bit of love. 

Oh, and Scrabble, with possibly the worst selection of letters ever. 

And there was time to reflect and mull and make plans. 

So, what are you planning for the next year? 


  1. Oh, I've bought similar yarns NOT to be knit or crocheted but to use in my textile work, often sewn to raw edges rather than satin stitch or bind them. Or just to create texture as you propose. So enticing!

    Just easing into the New Year myself without too many plans. But I suspect there will be continued sketching and hopefully some book binding mixed in with finishing up some languishing quilts of both art and utility kind. Lost a lot of time last year...

    1. I'm making plans - but nothing has come to fruition yet. Not sure how many are realistic either. There has been a lot of mulling in the background. Might get a few things sorted, or indeed dropped, by the end of this week.

  2. AARRGGH!That was a terrible Scrabble hand. Hope 2017 figuratively speaking deals you some more straightforward letters.

  3. Love seeing the dogs enjoying the pressies too. And how on earth do you get out of that Scrabble hand!?


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