2 July 2012

I just thought I would share my pain!

I had this problem on the first City and Guilds course I did - scaling up!  Frankly, the ironing board, the kitchen work surfaces and the sewing room are just not the right environment for printing 1 m of fabric.

My problems (with a meter of fabric - not evidence on an A3 size)

  • The freezer paper did not stick properly and came away with the print block.
  • Laying out the freezer paper into a regular pattern was nigh impossible on the ironing board
  • I ended up having to print on the the kitchen floor and the floor tiles have left an imprint on the fabric.
  • The print block (using the wall paper method on my last post) just looks messy on 1 m of fabric
  • I have had to drape the fabric loosely over furniture in the sewing room to dry (which I hope it does today so that I can overprint this evening)
  • I should have made the back ground design with a screen print - but I just cannot register screen printing when I am repeating!
  • I need a printing table!!!  
  • This would have been more satisfactory if we had been allowed to do digital printing for the final piece
I am so up against it!  The portfolio is still not finished and needs more work and I don't think I have time to do another meter of fabric (though I might dye a meter later and I could used the lino cut print block that I have done).

There - my pain.  And I feel a bit better!!

No photos (if it all works I will show you the finished piece).


  1. oh nooo! I hear your pain and frustration! I'm sure the overall quality of the design will shine through the technical problems you have found.
    See you and the beast later
    Jane x

  2. A bit of gentle sewing this evening (pages for some of my fabric samples) made me feel better, but then I saw some of the fabric others had prepared, and frankly just want to hang my head in shame!

    I will get over it though!

  3. How about going to the market and buying a good piece of printed fabric???

    1. That would be cheating and being the class tutor and a regular reader of Hilary's blog, I would know......and it would bare no resemblance to her lovely sketchbook work......haha! :)

  4. The Beast may have been tamed! See my next blog and let me know what you think!!


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