Pfaffing about (and not doing the books)

18 August 2012

I am finding delaying tactics, as you do!!

I have got lots of boring paper work to do, but instead I have been stitching.

Stitched (that is the organza laid over the top of the bleached, printed and painted velvet.

The organza snipped and burned away, using a heat gun.

But I don't like the open patch in the middle, so I do a bit more stitching.

And now I think it is finished.  But I might add some beads.  I will leave it for now and return to it later and give it a view with a fresh eye.

And while I am at it, just to show you have a fab picture deserves a lovely frame.

It also deserves a lovely photo!  But, despite being in the shade, it is still too bright.  The background is supposed to be black!

By the way, this is a lovely little icon by Angie Hughes.

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