PVA or Potato Paste - Its all resist to me!

27 August 2012

A little while ago I posted a blog where I had used PVA glue as a resist.

I had a good result, but blimey it was hard work.

I tried it again but with a different PVA glue, this one aimed at children.  It was easier to apply but it was not successful as a resist.

At that point I sort of dried up.  That was part of my City & Guilds and I think I then moved on to something else.

Anyway, Daughter has found this post and I thought you might be interested.   I have not tried this, but in this post flour paste applied with a simple icing bag is used to create a resist.

Like my own experiment, this technique did not use a "submersion" technique but used Dy Na Flow paint sprayed on (I painted mine on).

I have not tried it yet - I will do and will post the results.  But in the meantime thought those readers who like an experiment might be interested.

And as a bit of a post script you might also like this - a simple stitched book but with a great idea for the cover. 

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