A detour via marrow jam and manufacturing

6 August 2012

Despite my time being a bit 'borrowed' I have managed to move the latest pieces forward - just a wee bit.  I have added more paint detail (stamped and painted - using acrylic paints and the home made stamps I made at Angie Hughes workshop) plus shiny foiled papers to add additional leaf and stem detail.

The next stage is the stitching.  I will get onto this when I am back in my other 'home' (my work home), because I am currently at my south coast home, having spent a couple of days grafting for Son No 1, and don't have my sewing machine here.  Just my laptop. 

As mentioned, I was working for Son No 1, and we hit a pretty momentous moment in his studio - the first garment produced and destined for a commercial customer.  Quite a moment -  so we embarrassed him by taking photos and having a mini celebration! 

And now I am in the kitchen catching up on my blog and boiling beetroot and making marrow and ginger jam.  I wish I could share the smell of the jam with you, but that technology has not yet been invented. 

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