A Yurt in Birmingham

15 November 2012

Today the day job took me to Birmingham - to the NEC to be precise (the home of Festival of Quilts - but that is another story).

Today I went to the Skills Show.  In fact the real reason that I went along was to attend a conference about UKCES .  I attended the conference and then had a quick (very quick) gallop around the actual skills show.

The Skills Show is aimed at school leavers and lots of employers and colleges were giving them a chance to try their hand at certain skills.  The car and traditional construction industries (Plastering, carpentry etc.) were well represented, as were the hair and beauty industry.

And then I found this, and I felt I just had to share it with you.

Yep, tucked in a corner and with a few bemused youths looking on there was a Yurt and some one from a welsh college demonstrating traditional skills to build a Yurt!

Actually it looked rather cosy!

But I did not find anyone promoting skills in the textile industries (other than a college promoting fashion design!).


  1. Hi
    The college in question is Coleg Harlech in North Wales, we were demonstrating how 'greenwood' skills are used in making a yurt framework.

    p.s. it was cosy, and the youths were bemused !

    p.p.s I thought your friend and I were impeccable in our re-enactment of the potters wheel scene from 'Ghost'

    1. Sorry - I have no idea who anyone else was. I was just snap happy as I walked by. But you're right! Touch of the Patrick Swazye's there (if that's how you spell his name!)


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