Wrestling the beast!

18 November 2012

I have been wrestling with 'the beast'!  And I won!

Actually, that's a bit unfair since it was not too difficult to get 'the beast' to submit.  The instructions were crystal clear and the photos helped a lot.  The screws fitted into their allotted holes easily and were very easy to tighten up with the allen key supplied.

Much more hard work was tidying the studio to make way for it (the studio just tends to be used as a dumping area, partly because the radiator did not work so the room was too cold to actually do any art in and partly because the light in there was so awful.  Both problems are now fixed thanks to a plumber and an IKEA lamp.)

So here is The Beast set up and ready for quilting - that is for tomorrow!

From these pics the studio looks a bit bleak.  I think I need to create a design wall on that left hand wall on the top picture.

And it doesn't help that we don't have a garden shed here so the room also has to accommodate all the gardening tools!  That is the handles of the lawn mower you may be able to make out in the left hand side of the top photo and the strimmer is kept behind the door!


  1. Good grief, it's a monster! Glad you've tamed it!

    1. Iz I went for the 6 foot long one - on the basis that it will take a much smaller quilt but that I might (just might) want to make a big one one day!

      It will be easy to store under a bed though.

      Hopefully tonight I will get to try a bit of fabric on it!

  2. Sounds like a Kenny Everett story to me hope you didnt lose any fingers I probably would have.
    Looks like you had fun doing it though.x

  3. Get going with it asap Hilary, it looks wonderful, and I want to see what comes next!

    1. Steph - next step is on next post! We're getting there!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. thanks for sharing..


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