Wrestling the Beast - the Beast fights back!

22 November 2012

And it was all going so well!

This evening I embarked on Phase 3 of Wrestling with the Beast, and it would be fair to admit that this evening the Beast won!

Now it could be that for the past 2 days I have been holed up with Business Change guys at work (business analysts and solutions architects - I live such a wonderful life!) and frankly my head is in a fug.

Or it could be that I was just getting a bit cocky!

But either way, this evening the Beast defeated me and I had to give up and watch a bit of telly.

My first challenge was to get the sewing machine on - that was not clear from the otherwise brilliant instructions.  I ended up taking one of the rollers off but am not sure if that is what I should have done.

Then I realised that I could not actually get at the handles of the trolley bed because of the wadding - I guess I should have rolled that up with the background fabric onto the front roller - oh well!

But the biggest hassle of all was working on the machine sideways.  I am sure I will eventually get used to it but when you are used to sitting in front of the machine to do everything this proved to be a bit of a challenge.

And finally, my biggest problem was that I could not see what I was doing!  My chair is too low (so that's another trip to IKEA then - or a peruse around Ebay) and the distance from me is just at that awful point where I don't know whether to have my glasses on or off!

I gave up, had a glass of wine and watched the telly.

Tomorrow - unpicking the disastrous stitching and trying another tactic!


  1. Following you and 'the beast' with interest, I do so hope that you tame the blooming thing! Thank goodness that you can leave it up in it's own wing of the house, such a bore if you had to pack it away!! Looking forward to the next instalment xx

    1. I am sure that I will eventually prove who is the Master!

      Hardly it's own wing - more the grim, damp and cold back room - but yes I am lucky to be able to leave it up.

      Hope you are well and teaching is going OK

  2. As I've had it at the back of my mind to pursuade a beast to live in my house I watch your progress with interest.

    1. The thing is getting your head to work 'sideways'. It should be easy (and maybe it is for some) but it is challenging my spatial awareness!

      But I am sure we will get there in the end.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message.



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