Wrestling the beast - the next installment

22 November 2012

Buoyed up by my success with phase 1 of 'the beast', the next night I embarked on the second bit, hereafter referred to as Phase 2 - adding the fabric.

Now while I bought 'the beast' with paper quilts in mind, I thought I should follow the instructions to the letter - to start with at least(for only by understanding how something is designed to work can you properly start  to push the boundaries) and, trust me, there was no mention of quilting with paper in the instructions.  So, I rummaged around in the back of the cupboard and found a patchwork quilt top (nine patch if you want to know) crying out for a bit of TLC and definitely  ripe for Phase 2.

This is not a 'how to guide'  - the people who make the quilt frame have wonderful guides for putting the frame up - both printed and on You Tube etc.  More this is to report ' how I found the whole experience.

  You put on the backing first - pinning it to one of the rollers.

This bit was a doddle.  You then roll it onto the back roller and pin it to the front - still a doddle (though I had the manual to hand - there it is on the chair behind!)

Then you just lay on the wadding - dead easy.

Then you pin on the top layer - and roll it again attaching the front edge to the middle roller.

This bit was a bit more fiddly - and in fact I also called it a night at this point (since I had to be up at stupid O'Clock the next morning for the day job!!)

The next bit is to roll the top onto the middle roller while rolling the backing onto the front roller so that I can start quilting from the top!

Frankly that all felt like too much - so I will have to come back to that last little bit of set up.  And then I am ready to quilt.

Now while this might sound like a bit of a moan - it isn't.  Once you get the hang of this I am sure it is quick and the whole process is much easier than basting a quilt sandwich together!

So, so far so good.

Pop back for Phase 3.

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