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29 November 2012

News - Brie's Shop:

It is a little while since I finished my City and Guilds textiles course (you may remember the pain!! )

At the time I did a lot of research into textile designers but I did not find this designer until literally a moment ago - as I was wandering the web over my bowl of warming winter soup (courtesy Aldi, in case you are wondering) - and the designs and the applications caught my eye.  So I thought I would share this with you.

The style has an obvious vintage feel to it, but seems to have a very contemporary twist, which I simply cannot quite put my finger on.

There are some lovely things here.

And I found Brie via this fabulous vintage shop Winter's Moon (based in Chichester, but they clearly ship).

I think I could fall in love with Ercol - perhaps always slightly unfairly associated with the older generation.

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