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6 November 2012

Life is hectic!

There's the Day Job (with a 'to do' list as long as my arm), then there's Son No 1 (moving studio and doing the books), then there's the dog duties (Whippet X and his pal Malinois X - who is an overenthusiastic youth) and then there is the building work.  All of this going on pretty simultaneously!

But on the weekend I managed to grab a bit more time to do some more work on the memory pieces.  These are A4 journal quilts (thank goodness).

First of all some painted fabric was needed for the ivy leaves. (The theme is Memories in Black and White but the ivy leaves will be the only colour on the pieces).  These were the colours I used (nothing special - good old acrylic paint)

 Applied with a roller.

Over this - a cup holder from Costa which I had kept because the texture was so interesting.

And I got this.  You can just make out the ridges of the cup holder. 

This was a nasty bit of white nylon (I have no idea why I had a nasty bit of white nylon lying around) but has been utterly transformed by the paint. 

That was a moment! 


  1. HI H, I had my first play with Brusho last night in the Batik department. Worked well and plenty of scope for other ideas. Not colour fast I know, but a great base for some collage or embroidery when I get a moment.
    Hope to see you soon
    Jane x

    1. It has made a wonderful base for the memory pieces. I used black powder sprinkled onto the tissue paper while the tissue was still wet. I have used procion dye powder in this way before but the brusho seems to dissolve a bit easier so the result was less grainy. For mixed media it seems ideal.

      How is the teaching going? And sorry I won't make it to the fair. Got to head south this weekend.

      H xx


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