It's Saturday!

23 February 2013

And it's too cold to try to get outside to tidy the garden, so, when Whippet X has had his exercise, I feel a day of crafting activity coming on.

I have lots to do:-

  • Finish the binding on a lap quilt
  • Start the quilting on another lap quilt set up on 'The Beast'
  • Do some design work for Horizons
  • Finish the third Spanish Gardens piece (last little bit of embroidery needed)
  • Tidy sewing/studio room

But I have also got to go shopping, and there is a little cafe with cake calling me too.

So, time to crack on, don't you think?

[Dear reader - having shared this with you, I had better make sure I have something to show for my efforts!]


  1. That is a rather long list, good luck with your day!
    I'm ok, in the process of planning workshops I hope.
    See you soon
    Jane x

    1. it was, wasn't it!

      Did the shopping, starting on the quilt top on the beast, walked the hound (twice) and now uploading some photos with a cup of tea before going back to that quilt top!

      What workshops? Anything exciting? Happy to tweet them for you.


  2. Hello Whippet X! Now that's a to-do list...good luck!

    1. Ha - well twas a bit over ambitious, but I did get some of it done.


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