It's still Saturday, and you remember that list...

23 February 2013

Well, so far( and let's face it Saturday isn't over so there is still scope for more activity) I have managed a couple of things on my list (and a couple of things not on the list).

So what have I achieved so far today?  Well, the hound has been walked - twice!

And I did the shopping!

But I got a bit side tracked by coffee and cake ( Fibre Frenzi would approve - she does a lot of cake! In fact, come to think of it, so do Six and Friends.  It must be something to do with all that quilting )

Just up the road from my home from home (my complicated life!) is the Wakefield Estate.  And the Wakefield Estate has a little courtyard of shops.  And one of those shops is Artea Room.  And they do delicious cake in delicious surroundings!

It is a cosy, eccentric place and they will sell your work if you are an artist.  So if you are ever anywhere near Stony Stratford (just north of Milton Keynes) then do stop by.  Conveniently - they are just off the main road that takes you to the Bramble Patch from MK - how convenient is that!

And, then I tackled the beast again.  We're getting on better!  But we still have a few issues!

Like this for instance!  What happens when you forget to engage the tension!  A bit of unpicking me thinks.

But we also succeeded with a bit of this.  So not all bad.


  1. The cafe looks very attractive and tempting too. I think you did well with all you got done.

    1. If you're ever this way, it's worth popping in. Good cake and good art!

  2. So pleased I'm not the only one who likes cake!!!

  3. The cafe & cake would be hard to resist, especially if you need cheering up with all your Winter weather!
    Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog.

    1. That's so true - honestly, getting truly fed up with arctic winds. One good thing though - we have not had so much rain lately and the fields are drying out a bit. Last year was so wet summer was a right off!

      Thanks for stopping by.



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