Medina al-Zahra - Horizons

20 February 2013

I am thinking about another quilt - Horizons.

My expansive photo library is providing inspiration.

To the west of Cordoba in Southern Spain there is a stunning ruin called the Medina al-Zahra, a Moorish City and Palace dating from 940.

This was more than a palace. It was purpose built on a site specifically selected for it's amazing views over the countryside, facing south over the lush plains of Andalus and towards the Moorish homelands of North Africa.  And it was conceived as a thriving city to support the central palace complex.  It was a statement of commerce and wealth - it was not developed as a fort.

I really feel that it could provide the form for Horizons.

Thinking along this theme I will also need textures.  I found a gallery on this blog.  The textures hold real potential for some aspects of horizons.  I feel a book purchase coming on!


  1. You are so focused. For myself, I find that if I have too much inspiration material around me, my mind goes all over the place then find it difficult to focus on the idea I set out to do in the beginning. I loved the gallery too,it set my mind on the whirl again. Happy quilting J xxx

    1. Actually I don't think I am focused at all. I think I do jump around a bit. I looked at a couple of pieces made over two years ago now, part of the Abcission series, and think I need to get back onto that course. But I seem to have so little time - may be that imposes more discipline.



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