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28 February 2013

The other day when I was just mooching around the web, as you do, I found this :-Mixed Media Art Journal ~ New Beginnings (start-to-finish) - YouTube:

Now it's not textiles and it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it helped give me some design ideas for the Horizons quilt I am working up in my mind.

So, I started with a couple of pages from an old recipe book.

 Then I mixed up some Brusho inks - turquoise and yellow (but I put a bit of brown in the yellow to make it slightly duller.)  I put the inks into a couple of spray bottles I had.

First of all I put a layer of gesso on the paper.

Without letting it dry I sprayed the ink - blocking off the area I did not want covered (though it did run more than I had intended).  The turquoise at the top, the yellow below.

Then I gave it a quick blast with a hairdryer before adding a lower layer of colour using a credit card and then over printing using a couple of old print blocks I made a couple of years ago.

 I use cheap acrylic paint as you can see.  It works fine for my needs.

Ok, so this is where I am up to. A couple of additional block prints and a layer between land and sky using a cheap pastel bougt the other day in Lidl (or it might have been Aldi!)

Hmm - promising.  I will play with it some more.


  1. It's looking good......I love using gesso and can't wait to get back to being messy!!

    1. It's moved on a bit. I might do a bit more tonight and possibly start another version. Think this has some potential - but wondering how the hell I turn the design into a fabric reality (though I have some ideas).


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