Journal Quilt Project and other ambitions

4 February 2013

A little while ago I opened up a bit of debate on the CQGB Yahoo Group about this years Journal Quilt Project.

I have been procrastinating - and indeed worrying if I should commit to making the 12 little quilts.

This is what I posted on the discussion group:-

My problem is 'Should I do this' - not what will my topic be. If I do do this (and it will be my first time) then I am pretty certain that my theme will be Memories (though even as I type this I am wavering a bit! But I would need to get out of my comfort zone - so no more Spanish Garden!) 

The problem as I say is the 'should'. I read Jill's rules - and I do understand them, but felt they were a bit stern and seeded me with doubt. 

Lots of people seem to either have the luxury of being retired or work part time. I work full time, it's pretty full on and it's pretty demanding. So, what to do? Anyone else out there in a similar quandary to me?

Thank you to everyone who said I should 'go for it' and silly me for thinking that I was alone in holding down a day job and trying to do textile art at the same time!

So I have registered.  My theme will be Memories (I did start something along those lines towards the end of last year - it still needs finishing!)  But I do like to have several things on the go at one time!

The key thing with this, I have decided, is to treat each mini quilt as a page in a sketch book.  I would not get too hung up about that, so I should just be able to crack on with this little project.

And if I don't make it, well - it won't be the end of the world.

Meanwhile, I have also thought about doing a quilt on the theme Horizons for this years FoQ.  So, and as a bit of light relief, I have been casting round for inspiration and research.

I have always been a fan of Eric Ravilious and have a lovely book of some of his watercolours of the South Downs.

If you look closely at some of his work you can see how the texture he creates might translate into textiles.

So, lots to do and to keep me occupied.

And thanks again to everyone's words of encouragement regarding the Journal Quilts.  I am going to give it my best shot!


  1. Hi Annette, I'm glad you've decided to "do" the journals. I've found them really interesting to do. I think I've bitten off more than I'm ready for in my theme " places I remember" based on the plaes I have lived, but it will be a good challenge for me.

    I love Ravilious and Cyril Power, so thanks for reminding me of these images.

    1. Hi (and sorry, it's Hilary, but don't worry I keep it low key here so that work and life don't collide! I have a work web profile too - am I paranoi??)

      I have always like Ravilious and aren't these images stunning. He documented the every day so well.

      I think some of his 'textures' could be re-created in stitch. Will give it a go (perhaps in my Journal quilts ha ha!)

  2. I'm not familiar with Ravilious - how beautiful his paintings are.
    On the work theme, don't put anything off until retirement, do everything you can whilst you have energy and drive. During my forty odd years of working I planned on doing so much in retirement, but energy and drive are not there in the way they once were. I'm only prolific provided I'm doing it to what I want to do, the thought of committing to twelve journal quilts would exhaust me. It's that old adage Give a busy person.........

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes - I am driven not to put things off until I retire as a few years ago a friend died very suddenly and she was not very old at all. I do try to live for the moment. Who knows what is lurking around the corner.

      Interesting that you feel exhausted by the thought of 12 journal quilts. It's not that, it's just the time. But, I committed to the C&G course, and if I take the same approach then I think I should be able to crack it!

  3. Hello Hilary, and thank you for visiting, joining and commenting on my blog too! It's great that you have decided to sign up for the JQ's, and I will definitely be looking forward to seeing yours posted up on the Yahoo site.
    I'm not familiar with the work of Ravilious either, so am now going to 'google' his name, and see what comes up. The images you have posted of his work look stunning, so thanks for that too.

    1. Cath - thanks for stopping by and yes I will post up the progress of the JQs as they progress.

      Do go and look at Ravilious images. He is mostly known as a print maker but I love his water colours. He was a professional illustrator and did designs for Wedgewood.

      He was a war artist and died tragically young on a mission. Who knows how his work would have developed.

  4. What lovely paintings - and what a great resource they will be. Another artist to explore....

    I still haven't committed to JQ yet; I am still thinking. I need to work out a sequence first I think.

    If you can get through a C&G course whilst working you can certainly get through 12 JQs! And I look forward to seeing them :)


    1. Hi Caroline. Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes - I think I have been too hung up about this. You are right, if I can do a C&G course then I can do the JQs. I need to think of it as a 12 page sketch book and that would not intimidate me at all.

  5. Well done for joining the JQ challenge Hilary, I'm sure you'll enjoy it once you get going and you'll probably find, with your C&G background, that you'll have lots of inspiration. I do intend to do them this year on a theme of Making Marks which I think is open to enough interpretations to keep me going. I just need to register with Jill now. I shall enjoy seeing your progress throughout the year. I for one will probably be posting mine at each deadline date ;-) I have found in the past that these little projects help enormously when making larger quilts so they are worth doing. (Remind me I said that when I am bemoaning lack of inspiration won't you?)


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