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11 February 2013

Well, dear reader, after much soul searching I did eventually sign up to this years Contemporary Quilt Group JQ challenge.

I was really fretting over it, and then suddenly, I saw the light.  Just treat it as a 'Sketch Book' - go with the 'what if' idea.  Use it as a way to explore other techniques, just be loose with it!  Phew!

So, I have made a start.

My theme is Memories (we could choose our own theme) which is vague enough to give me scope to 'fly' (here's hoping) and my first activity was to do a bit of a brainstorm on the word 'Memories'.

There is lots here to work with, and to take me on my twelve month journey.

Keep watching as more unfolds! 


  1. You are always so busy, you have a lot to work with here. Jx

    1. Yes- but taking a sketch book approach hopefully means that I can keep it simple and not let it overwhelm me.


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