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16 March 2013

A spurt of creativity last night and this morning.

First off, a new print block.

This is part of an ongoing project based on the theme of Horizons.  I have been using the the Medina al-Zahra is Southern Spain as my inspiration for this.

This print block is made with my favourite technique - using childrens play foam sheets which you can get from places like The Works or Hobbycraft.  I literally blew up a photograph from my Medina collection, used a soft pencil to  mark/draw on the the photograph the lines I wanted to transfer, then turned it over and pressed again onto the foam.  The lines transferred enough to give me the template to cut out.

I just stick the cut foam onto a piece of stiff card.  Then I marked the detail using a soldering tool.  Now, dear reader, this does give off pungent fumes so if you use this technique you do need to do this is a very well ventilated space (it certainly isn't a technique to take to a workshop!) so WhippetX and I had the back door open - on a very chilly March evening!

And here is the first print off this block - in one of my sketch books.

I was happy with this, and felt no more tinkering with the block was needed to went staight on to try it out some more (by the way I am using a fairly fluid acylic paint here - again one from Hobbycraft - it's like a Golden Acrylic I think - but it isn't that brand).

These are printed onto papers prepared from that old recipe book. I described the process here.

Now, my thinking is to work on these paper backgrounds a bit more and then use a service such as Fingerprint to get the papers printed up digitally onto a single piece of cloth and then quilt/embroider.  The top piece I feel has more potential.  I was thinking about entering this into a Contemporary Quilter's Guild Challenge, but I don't think the orientation of the piece will be right.  I need to go with my gut instinct here, and while I love the idea of entering a piece don't feel I can compromise to fit the brief (or at least not with this design).  But this is a WIP so we'll see.


  1. Thanks for the information about how you make your print block, this seems very straightforward. Your cloth is looking very interesting.

    1. Yes - using foam is dead easy. You don't get very 'clean' lines with foam and certainly not with acrylic paint, but currently this is the effect that I like. I have built up quite a collection over the last year or so and use them quite a lot.

  2. Ooh! Need to find my sticky foam stuff!

    1. It doesn't have to be the sticky stuff. Agreed, that's convenient but it sticks onto card just fine with PVA glue. Such a great way to make print blocks!


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