Off balance

12 March 2013

This blog is supposed to be about finding the work/life balance, with a textile theme.  But there's not much balance at the moment so the textile and art work has been a bit thin on the ground.

That said, I have enjoyed other distractions from the day job - Rapper Dancing at Burton on Trent.

Rapper dancing mostly seems to happen in pubs - which was fine by me last weekend as winter has returned with a vengeance - and is rather frantic and vigorous.

A great day - and completely and eccentrically English!!

Meanwhile I did manage to get the binding on the quilt I recently quilted on the beast.  Not a prize winner but I don't really do traditional quilts and am pleased with the result.

Oh, and at last I have started to add some images to the Sketch Book page - so not all bad!

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