Another Saturday, another list

2 March 2013

The week has rolled by so quickly.

Today is not so much a day of lists (last week's was hugely ambitious) but nevertheless I did manage to achieve.

Today, I have to focus on a few non crafty chores - bother that - but before I do a few things to share with you.

I am working on a Horizons idea and in my last post shared with you the beginnings of some design ideas.

So, I thought I would create a couple more images, again using that old recipe book and  good dollop of gesso.

Again I used Brusho inks - the turquoise and the yellow with a dash of brown.

Ready for printing.

I think this has real potential (I said that before didn't I?) but the issue will then be how on earth I transfer a satisfactory image to fabric (if I go with fabric) to quilt.

Right.  Things to do!  Must dash.


  1. I love brush........I look forward to making contact with mine one day soon!!


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