A bit of a round up and reflection

14 April 2014

Well that was a very hectic weekend.

In no particular order, I managed to achieve the following things.

Do you remember earlier in the year I was playing about with some pepper images? Finally, and after a bit of a framing hassle, I have delivered those peppers to their new owners. They are going to hang in a delicatessen run by a couple of good friends. Depending on how good they look in their new location I may be asked to do some more. 

I finished the memories Journal (see last blog post). 

I packaged up and delivered to their 'taxi ride' the two pieces I have entered to Uttoxeter exhibition later this month.

I did a little video on the last blog post and managed, with a little bit of difficulty, to upload it to YouTube and then get it published into the blog. That was a first!

So, a pretty good weekend.

On the downside, I didn't get any packing done, but we still don't have anywhere to move to. This is now getting a bit beyond a joke! We have seen many houses that might have worked, but for a variety of reasons did not tick the box.  Then last week we thought we might have found "the one"! 

However, it was not meant to be because on reflection decided it was just too far from the office.

So it's back to the drawing board! 


  1. Never mind Bird....the right one will come along soon enough....

    ...I've now been able to watch the vid.....lovely subtle colours in that delightful book!

    x C

    1. Aw, thanks for that. Glad you got to see the video. Might try a few more ( if I'm brave enough!)

  2. Just love that second piece :)

    1. Thanks Iz. It's embroidered on tissue coloured with paint sticks( I think) and beaded. The images are paper and fabric, the leaves coming from an early print block I did, scanned and manipulated. They're getting another outing soon in my Dislocation piece for FOQ.

  3. Love the subtle colours in the first one - the complex surface really had me looking!

    1. There are two layers. I would say it is better in the flesh, as it were. The layers are more obvious.


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