Dislocation - and so it begins.

21 April 2014

The assemblage has begun. 

When I left you the tissue paper was drying after a hefty does of sprayed, diluted acrylic paint. 

I'm using kunin felt as the wadding - I like felt. It gives support and keeps the construction flat. 

I have cut the felt up into the correct sizes to 'build' the quilt. Then I roughly cut the tissue, adhered it to the front of the felt with spray mount, and folded the surplus over the edges to create a neat edge (I'm thinking that this will suffice and no additional binding will be necessary) and stuck it down on the back with acrylic glue. 

Next up, paints..

And a trusty print block that has had several previous outings.

On the small matter of paint, as you know I am a passionate fan of Fresco Finish paints by Paperartsy, but last week I went to a talk at the MK branch of the embroiders guild given by a lovely, generous artist called Paula Watkins. And she recommended emulsion paint match pots from DIY stores. What a brilliant idea ( why hadn't I though of that before) so Daughter No 1 and I went to investigate. As you can see, Crown paints do a few metallic finishes. I cannot imagine putting them on a wall, but on a piece of art mixed I with other paints - well, I think we are into something here! 

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