Sunday morning holding post - I'll be back later

6 April 2014

It's Sunday morning, it's drizzling with rain, the dog has stuck his head back under his blanket and I've got to go to the christening. I haven't been to a christening for goodness knows how long so I'm rather uncertain as to what to expect. A work colleague had a baby about five months ago and it is Charlotte's christening this morning.

I'll do another proper blog update a bit later to share with you the present that I made for Charlotte, although Charlotte's parents because it's not really something baby should get her sticky mitts on. But just to put you on tenterhooks and leave you with a bit of anticipation, I should tell you it's another one of my books. These are getting to be a bit of a regular thing but I do love making them so very much.

And just in case anyone who does read my blog regularly is wondering how the house hunting is going, don't ask! 

I've been looking now for over a month and frankly just doesn't seem anything out there that seems to take all the boxes. There doesn't really seem to be anything out there that take some of the boxes! Okay, so I'm being fussy. But since this is where I spend most my time I think I deserve to be fussy! I do want access to decent walks with the dog (and also for me, because that's how I keep fit – well Fittish) and I want space for my sewing and art. If I don't have that how can I keep my dear blog reader entertained with all that is going on in my creative world!

Anyway, bear with and I will be back later with another mega post (subject to being able to upload all the photographs). 


  1. Tenterhooks duly employed!

    1. Sorry. You have to keep those tenterhooks employed for a bit longer. Got a few technical hitches with photographs and a possible video (I must be mad) which is causing a bit of delay on the next blog post. Hang on in there, I'll get it sorted soon!


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