Virtual Trauma

21 April 2014

Well, it's been another of those rather traumatic weekends, but not for reasons that I would normally associate with every day dilemmas and dramas! Oh no - this was virtual trauma!

I know that some people who follow me here will also contact me by email from time to time, and if you had a rather strange email from me then let me assure you that I am not in the Ukraine, I haven't gone on holiday, and even if I had certainly wouldn't have picked the Ukraine because of the unsettled political climate at the moment!

I can also assure you that I haven't been mugged and I don't need money (well, no more than usual!) The fact is that my email account was hijacked by some ne'er do well and all my contacts were stolen and emails sent asking them to send money to me at some dodgy Ukrainian email account.

I apologise to everybody who might of got this email and wondered what on earth was going on. I hope that nobody opened the actual email. I don't actually know exactly what was said in the email, because I only found about it when I received a couple of phone calls. Anyway, I do hope that you haven't been affected by this and please rest assured that I am okay and still in the UK.

I spent some time on the helpdesk at BT mail trying to sort this out. To be fair, they were very helpful. I have been able to change my password and it seems that my email is now secure. However, I have lost all of my sent emails and I have also lost all of my contacts. BT are trying to sort this out and I might actually get them back.

But it also seems that through my BT account, or possibly separately, the same ne'er-do-well tried to hijack my Facebook account. Consequently, I am frozen out of Facebook and I'm not quite sure how I rectify this. Still, a small silver lining, my Facebook addiction is now on hold. Instead I can get on and do some creating. 

So enough about my trials and tribulations.

To console ourselves Daughter No 1 and I went to my favourite tea shop.

She had a Three Berry Fruit Tea - it was glorious in colour.

All the tea pots come in knitted cosies.

Then we went shopping.

And we found this little gem - ideal for Daughter No 1's growing thread collection.

And then I got on with the somewhat delicate process of colouring tissue paper (it tears so easily).

After the paint auditioning session from the last post I decided on 'Chartreuse' and 'Sea Weed' from the Fresco Finish range by Paperartsy.

I used spray bottles - diluting the paint appx 50:50 paint to water.

I sprayed about 6 sheets of tissue paper - I had to leave the tissue to dry in situ because when wet it is really too delicate to handle.  That made the process rather time consuming.

But the results definitely looked promising!


  1. What a shame about the email trauma. And there doesn't really seem to be anything one can do about it...except what you did, I suppose. It just seems to be happening too often these days, doesn't it? Anyway, hopefully you've got it sorted.
    In the meantime, pots of tea, boxes for threads and gorgeous papers. I hope you'll show us the papers when they're all dried...lovely!!

    1. Thanks Marny. Yes, watch this space. I'll let you know how the coloured tissue comes along,

  2. Isn't it awful that these horrible people hijack our emails? I'm glad you got it partly sorted and I hope you get your contacts back. (You've made me wonder whether it's possible to back them up.) I wonder how they get in in the first place? I shall look forward to seeing how your tissue turns out. You've reminded me that I have a whole shed to play in outside and I've barely stepped foot in there all year!


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