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11 April 2014

really find the day job a distraction! It so gets in the way of what I really want to do - make textile art. 

But I guess as textile art won't pay the bills and I haven't won the lottery ( note to self - buy lottery ticket!) I must get the priorities right.

I have to crack on top with the FOQ quilt - Dislocation. It's planned out and a couple of weeks ago I shared some of the print images I will be incorporating. I just need to start assembling, colouring and cracking on. I did hope to get something done tonight, but shopping, supper and other domestic stuff meant that by the time I was ready to actually do something I was so pooped that the only thing I could actually do was slump on the sofa!

The weekend coming is it looking so promising either. Various work and family related committments will take up most of the time. 

In the meantime Daughter no 1 is creating, so at least there's something going on.

A prototype art doll perched by my bed. Not a great photo - I'm sorry about that. 

Meantime, she has a growing family of sisters. I'll try to post them tomorrow. 

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