A positive note

24 February 2014

Sunday was a day full of accomplishments.

The dog had a good walk ( serious browny points earned there by me! The dog keeps a tally, you know. He is a hard task master!) 

I had a bit of a tidy up in the studio, which meant I could put up the sewing machine!! 

I stitched all four of the pepper mixed media pieces.  They are now ready for framing. 

I listened to all four episodes of Brideshead Revisted back to back on Radio 4 Extra ( I just love the listen again facility when I can just listen to a whole block of programs).  I had forgotten how melancholy the story is. 

And I did a sketchbook page which was pretty successful. 

So, in case you're interested, that is the background page done with the corner,corner, side technique from the last post, with additional texture added by spraying ink though some net packaging. The ink was too much and the background is lost, but that is the point of sketchbooks, to record and play - not necessarily to get it right. 

Then a bit of sketching and inktense pencilling. 

Then the piece at the left hand is a strip of coloured paper, with a bit of wax resist, stitched with the same leaf pattern.

And I spoke to Christine Seager about helping out with the CQ Gallery at FOQ - but more of that in another post. 


  1. Well done you - for pushing on with your creativity during this unsettled time.......I do know a bit of what you're talking about! I do hope a new home turns up that meets your requirements. I know it's not easy renting when you have a dog - but I'll keep all fingers crossed for you ('twill be a bit difficult to knit though!!!) x

  2. Hope you're ok as I haven't heard from you lately. Thinking of you .....

    1. Thanks, I'm good. As you probably know, I'm having to leave my home from home here in Milton Keynes because the owners are selling up. Where in the trauma of trying to find something suitable. It's not easy. However on the positive side I am still managing to get some work done. I'm about to publish another big post on another fairly hefty project that I've just completed – another mixed media book.

  3. sorry - I've only just picked up your message. I do hope you've managed to find somewhere to live - I know how traumatic that can be!! It's so difficult to hang on to creativity but it looks as though you are managing to hang in there. Well done!! Keep going x

    1. Thanks so much - I'm clinging on. Creativity here helps with creativity at work I think. We are only 'here' once, so no time to descend into despair and despondency. Must crack on!! xxx


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