Pepper post - the end is in sight

5 February 2014

Despite a few little diversions and excursions, I am still progressing with the little peppers project. 

Why peppers? Well a friend who has a delicatessen said she might be interested to have a few little pieces in her shop to decorate a few blank areas of wall.  And if she doesn't like them then I want to try the little Tea Room nearby that also sells art.  It's time to get my work out there a bit more. 

So here is the latest version in my sketchbook. 

 I love this mark making technique - monoprinting on tissue paper which I stick down and hand colour with inks. And then additional collage from inked book pages. 

Here I have used pen to add additional embellishment but for the final pieces the last marks will be stitched. 

And here are two pieces in progress - here the tissue is stuck onto rag paper. 


  1. I love these pieces! I'm sure they'd go over well in a deli or any restaurant.


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