Revisiting the Horizon Quilts

9 February 2014

You may remember that last year I entered my first ever quilt at FOQ as part of the Contemporary Quilts gallery.  I had a few technical,issues! 

One of my technical issues was my own rather dire photography. 

Already thinking about this years quilt - the theme is 'dislocation'. 

But peppers to finish first! 

Ps. sorry - you have to cut and paste the links.  I'm writing this using the ' Blog' ap on the iPad and cannot work out how to embed a link.

Pps. No you don't! Fixed the links I hope. 


  1. Thanks for the link - what a fantastic group of quilts and it was really nice to also see how they looked in the gallery. Lots of familiar names there.

    1. It really is a great set of pictures, much better than I could have managed. And you are right, lots of familiar names. I felt honoured to be hanging in such good company.


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