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23 February 2014

After a hectic day yesterday when I went and signed up with half a dozen local estate agents and picked up my mixed media pieces from The Tree and Me exhibition, I had a bit of a play in the studio - nothing too taxing or creative, just a fiddle about. 

Now you might know that I have been You Tube hopping and found the Paperartsy channel.  I have shared a few of the videos with you. 

Well one video is on decorating backgrounds. Leandra, the resident artist I am thinking, is a whiz with the acrylic paints.  So, I decided to give her technique of 'Corner, Corner, Side' a go. 

I assembled my weapons. 

These are three acrylics from Hobby Craft. I think they are an American brand.  They have been OK but now I have discovered the Fresco Finish paints I will get replacements from there.  The white is a system3 Acrylic from Daler Rowner. That's an oil stick in the foreground ( I find them the best for applying subtle colour through a stencil) and a commercial plastic stencil.  I think the only one I have. 

They're not in the picture, but I used two make up sponges to apply the paint. 

So, here is a card background. 

Less successful as the colours don't blend so well. 

But here is a page from the sketchbook

 I am really sorry but the light is poor - the colours are very pale taupe and pale green.  This background is much more blended. 

You can see the stencil, but can you also make out the squiggly lines as a bit of background? A bit like a post stamp? 

Well, who needs an expensive stamp when you have this! 


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