Southsea after the storms

20 February 2014

Last weekend I met up with daughter number one and we went to the beach at Southsea. 

Now the poor old UK has been battered by winter storms.  The West Country and Wales has taken the brunt, but other places have also been battered

Brighton lost its pier. Portsmouth, though further to the west than Brighton, fared much better, I think because it was protected by the Isle of Wight. 

That said, this should be the promenade - not the beach! 

But the storms dragged up some lovely rubbish ( why is it that on a beach, rubbish takes on a much more romantic aura - perhaps it's the implication of travel, shipwreck and journeys). 

And I love the colour of this rope against the shingle. 

Meanwhile, the dogs had a whale of a time.


  1. Love beach hunting too. I think it's the textures as wells as colours.

    1. It might be. It's funny though, it is rubbish and lying by the side of the road I think we would be more inclined to just tut tut.


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