Paperartsy Part 2 (golly this is getting silly)

20 February 2014

Here is another one - that is another Paperartsy video.

I am not a fan of commercial stamps at all, but there are some very useful painting tips in this video.

I really like the standard of the videos from this company, and the painting tips are really useful.

This is more of a scrap booking channel I guess, but you have to be open minded and while I might not be a fan of commercial stamps, you have to admire the paint technique used.


  1. Well, dang - the two videos really did suck me in. Fascinating watching her work. I particularly liked the first part of this one going into detail about the kind of ink to use on fabric and the actual pressing on of the stamps - info I can use.

  2. I think they are all excellent. I have watched several now and they have really given lots of great tips on using paints.


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