Jewels in Fortnum & Mason

19 October 2013

I was in London last week to meet people.  And I popped into Fortnum for a bit of eye candy.

These were in the basement - I think they contain saki, but to be honest I am not really sure.  It was the colours rather than the content that caught my eye.

And then upstairs I found the Christmas shop - Crown Jewels....

And cup cakes.


  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog. A pleasure to receive and it led me to yours - another pleasure!
    These are wonderful, such colours and textures - jewels for the eye.

    1. Hello - yes isn't blog land great? You meet people with similar interests you would never otherwise meet. I've added you to my list so will keep popping back now. Lovely to meet you.

  2. What beautiful bottles, dazzling colour

    1. Weren't they just? We're blessed as artists, I think. We see beauty all around us whereas others only see stuff, I am sure!


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