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16 October 2013

A couple of blogs ago I started a new sketch book following a bit of a wilderness period.

Linked to this I have become a bit obsessed with videos on You Tube showing methods for mixed media work.  There is an awful lot of generosity out there, and while some of the work is not to my taste (and I struggle to understand why people use so many bought scrap book papers when it is so easy to create you own - especially if you're Hilary Beattie who it seems to me must be drowning under heaps of home decorated papers and fabrics!) some of the techniques are very useful.

If you want to have a little wander (and that seems to be what happens - you start in one place and then end up wandering off all over the place) then I suggest you start here and see where it takes you.

If you suffer from a bit of insomnia (like me - I am writing this at a ridiculous hour of the morning) then in my mind there is no better way of spending the time than a bit of You Tubing.

Oh, and I am also thinking of taking an online class with a lady in Utah called Junelle Jacobsen - she blogs here - anyone had any experience?  Do you think it is worth it? Feedback welcome!

So here are the latest pages from my new 'freeing me up and unblocking' sketch book.

This first page is a WIP.  Still some way to go I think.  I haven't set off with any plan - just seeing where it takes me.

I am also trying to get out of my comfort zone - using words and also trying faces.

I cheated here.  I used a photograph from a magazine and then painted over it. 

Those flame shapes are from one of my cardboard stencils.

So, as you can see, my mojo is being carefully nurtured (and my sewing machine is having a well earned rest).

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