New foam stamps with a seasonal theme

20 October 2013

When I was out with the dog on a recent dog walk I came across a horse chestnut tree clinging onto its leaves and conkers for dear life. 

It was very windy, which is why the photo below is a bit blurred.  But I haven't taken the photo to show you my photography prowess...

... But rather to show you where it took me. 

Some PVA glue, funky foam stuff, a bit of old card ( from dog food packaging ) and some snips..

....and I think we have a new stamp to play with! 

And then, because the stamp making bug caught me and because November is just around the corner I didn't stop there but also created this ( which I should confess is inspired by some images by Andy Warhol which I found on tinternet).

The glue is still wet, so it's not quite as crisp as I hope it will be when I use it for printing. 

Dear reader, you now have to imagine a gap of a few days.

And so to printing! 

Out came the acrylic paint - et voila! 


  1. This is wonderful! I haven't tried making foam stamps, but I love your results.

  2. Lovely! Might nick this idea for my Christmas cards! ;-)

  3. Looking lovely, I do admire your detail, love the negative space you are leaving.

    1. Can take ages to snip. Trick is something good on the radio!!

  4. How did I miss this post? These are lovely. I have some of that foam and have never known what to do with it. Next weekend's project maybe!

  5. Don't worry Avril - it's not you! Somehow blogger got the order the wrong way around. I can't put them back in the right order. Oh well!

    Try the foam - good fun and easier than Lino cutting!


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