Summer goes out with a bang!

9 October 2013

Because it was hot here in Blighty at the weekend. ( well, ok I admit it wasn't the soaring high 20s, but trust me, for October it was hot).

Only a couple of weeks ago I had turned the heating on ( no so much for the warmth, but definitely to help dry out my home from home, because it is a damp old house) .  But Sunday it felt as though summer had returned.

So, despite a chores list as long as your arm, the dogs and I set out for jolly japes and adventures.

Two happy dogs!

The giveaway is the field - if it was high summer that would have a crop waiting for harvest. But I guess it has been planted with winter wheat - just showing through.

And then on the way back we saw this plaque.  We have walked past this tree a hundred times but I have never noticed this plaque before.

It commemorates the joining of two parishes because back in the day (a long time ago) there were two parishes at Wicken where there is now one.  This tree marks that.  And there is a lost church here too.  But it's under another field.

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