Distractions while tidying up

20 October 2013

I'm supposed to be tidying the hell hole that is meant to be my studio here in my home from home.

Truth is, except for when I am using the quilting frame I never use it.  The room is very univiting and not conducive to creativity.  I am sure it's not helped by the fact that I have to store the lawn mower in there, and the strimmer! I don't have a shed.  It's just really one big junk room. 

Well, I think my days here may be numbered. Either we will be off to another rented house or I will move back home, quitting Northamptonshire for good ( except for work, but I would only come up for meetings etc.)

I love Northamptonshire.  I live in the country when I am here - and I am a country girl at heart. I love the local farm shops, the Wakefield Estate and Castle Ashby, the dog walks, and the big skies. 

So I may have to fall back in love with Portsmouth.  It has a lot going for it, and there is lovely countryside - but not right outside my front door. 

Anyway, this post wasn't meant to be downbeat. Instead I really just wanted to share some treasures I unearthed while if was having a tidy up.

A bit of marbling.

And a bit of silk painting - that effect is created by salt.

And a decorated paper - candle wax and brushing inks applied as a powder the sprayed with water.


  1. What's a "strimmer"?

    Good luck with your move, wherever it may be. :)

    1. Kit, a strimmer is a bit of powerful gardening equipment. Motor driven, it has a nylon flex at the bottom that spins round very fast and shreds everything in its path. It's used for clearing overgrown patches of grass and weeds. You can see why my space is tricky for art!


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